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Foraging Dinner 2019

We are currently taking reservations for our 2019 Foraging Dinner on Wednesday June 19th, 2019. This is a sample from a previous year.


Jonah crab. Sweet cicely pods. Sea greens.

Scallop tartar. Vinegar gels. Spruce tip salt.

Shad spring rolls. Scotch lovage. Sumac. Rosehip gel.

Day lily buds. Green garlic mayo.


Day lily flowers. Cattails. Chive flower sorbet. Red clover vinaigrette.

Welsh Caviar and Eggs

Sea lettuce & dulse. Oatmeal. 3 hour eggs. Smoked dulse & lovage breadcrumbs. Roe sour cream. Smoked milt.


Yard greens & ricotta tortellini. Fir tips. Fiddleheads. Sorrel foam. Chickweed. Balsam fir oil.

Beach Fire

Chorizo-stuffed squid. Spruce tip sauerkraut. Beach peas. Oyster leaf. Wild caraway. Proscuitto. Rose hip jus. Squid oil.

Summer's here!

Wild chamomile granita. Rose & wild strawberry sorbet.

The Canteen

Elderflower. Spruce tip. Blackcurrant leaf ice cream. Condiments.

Petit Fours

Sweet fern meringue. Mint marshmallow. Spruce tip cookie dough truffle.

Bishop's Cellar wine pairing for the meal! 

Scariazzo Fiano '15 (Italy)