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Dinner Menu June 14 – June 25, 2018


Risotto Fritters 9.50
Sweet potato, sage, & smoked cheddar risotto crumbed and crisp fried, dulse & garlic scape salt, smoked paprika dipping sauce

Salad 9.50
House smoked Mackerel, Broadfork farm greens, olives, cherry tomatoes, beans, red onions, mustard dressing

Soup 9.50                                                                                                                                     Pea, mint, and sorrell soup, spring vegetables, lemon oil


Chicken 23.00                                                                                                                            Pan roasted breast, soft polenta, spring vegetables, crisp potato and herb croquettes with smoked dulse and lovage seasoning, roast chicken jus.

Halibut 25.00
Chermoula marinated grilled halibut, charcoal scented rice pilaf, quick pickled vegetables, sour cream

Vegetable Ramen 20.00
Vegetable and smoked miso broth, Broadfork Farm greens, shiitake mushrooms, beans, snap peas, corn, tofu, soft boiled egg, seaweed, and green onions

Scallops 25.00
Pan seared local scallops, daikon - carrot - cabbage salad, tofu & buckwheat, black garlic mayo and gojuchang mayo

Steak 37.00
10oz grilled prime rib, Wild Caraway caesar salad, onion rings, herb and garlic butter


Cake and Ice Cream 8.00
White chocolate mousse cake, rhubarb ripple ice cream

Chocolate 8.00
Dark Chocolate marquis - a rich chocolate mousse, orange creme anglais, crispy chocolate, whip cream

June 14 - June 25

18% gratuity on groups of 8 or more