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Dinner Menu October 18 – October 29, 2018



Fried Green Tomatoes 9.50

Crisp fried green tomatoes from our garden, shaved reggiano parmesan, lemon aioli

Soup 9.50

Parsnip & pear soup, That Dutchmans blue cheese cream, dark maple syrup

Squash Salad 9.50

Roasted local squash, goat cheese, crispy kale, pomegranate molasses, balsamic reduction, molasses butter


Halibut 25.00

Grilled filet of local Halibut, ratatouille – Provencal dish of peppers, eggplant, onions, beans, zucchini, & tomatoes, basil oil & tomato coulis, crispy new potato chips

Scallops 25.00

Pan seared local scallops, spiced beet puree, pickled beets, spring onions, crispy onion rings, sour cream foam, beurre rouge

Steak 37.00

12 oz grilled Atlantic prime rib steak, roasted vegetables, sage & rosemary butter

Pork 23.00

Smoked pork loin, braised pork belly, red cabbage, crab apple sauce, scalloped potatoes, mustard - maple pork jus

Chicken 24.00

Pan roasted breast, handmade potato gnocchi, wild & button mushrooms, peas, Broadfork farm vegetables, roast chicken cream jus

Garden Greens Pie 20.00

Swiss chard & beet greens, onions, feta & pinenuts, crisp phyllo pastry, whipped feta and basil pesto


Chocolate 8.00

White chocolate semi freddo, strawberry compote, hazelnut & almond craquelin

Pears! 8.00

Red wine poached pear and orange crème patissiere tart, red currant-pear-champagne sorbet

October 18 – October 29

18% gratuity on groups of 8 or more