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Dinner Menu July 13 – 24, 2017


Soup: white gazpacho--a refreshing Spanish soup of almonds, garlic, grapes and cucumbers, borage oil, wildflowers, chive flower sorbet ($8.50)

Lobster Spring Rolls: crisp-fried spring rolls of local lobster, cabbage, cilantro and ginger with basil mayo and lobster oil ($12.50)

Seaside “Caesar”: salad of seaside plants and seaweed, kippered mackerel, poached egg, prosciutto, crisp fried rice, cured herring roe dressing ($8.50)


Flounder: pan-fried local flounder, nori gnocchi, marsh greens, oyster leaf, scotch lovage sauce champagne ($24)

Scallops: pan-seared local scallops, scallop cream, miso and sesame dressing, grilled onion and ginger, cucumber, hakeuri turnips and a salad of locally foraged seaweeds ($25)

Steak: grilled 12 oz ribeye, garlic scape, bacon and potato fritters, black garlic butter, arugula pesto ($37)

Seafood Pasta: hand-rolled pappardelle, local scallops, halibut, lobster, flounder, shrimp and haddock, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, red onions, shaved parmesan in a garlic and olive oil base ($25)

Halibut: grilled filet of local halibut, day lily “taters”, orange vichy carrots, sautéed Broadfork Farm greens, daylily and pine nut pesto ($24)


White Chocolate & Black Currants: white chocolate mousse, blackcurrant purée, broken meringue, blackcurrant leaf ice cream ($7)

Strawberry Cheesecake: spruce tip shortbread, lemon balm, cream cheese, fresh strawberries ($7)