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Dinner Menu July 15 – 25, 2016


Soup: white gazpacho, almonds, garlic, cucumber & onions, foraged flowers, cucumber oil, grapes, arugula cream ($8.50)

Salad: florist's salad with Au Fond des Bois fresh goat cheese, Broadfork Farm greens, rose vinaigrette ($8.50)

Lobster Spring Rolls: Crisp fried rolls, local lobster, ginger, cilantro & cabbage with basil mayo ($12)


Chicken: pan-roasted breast, sous vide thigh, sautéed Bay of Fungi oyster mushrooms, zucchini, soft polenta, cream jus ($22)

Scallops: pan-seared Bay of Fundy scallops, marsh greens, beets, beet greens ($25)

Halibut: local line-caught grilled filet and hodge podge (a local dish of new vegetables, cream, lemon & summer savoury) ($24)

Smoked Pork Chop: house-maple smoked pork, creamy potato salad, early harvest greens, maple mustard sauce ($21)

Salmon Niçoise: organic, locally-raised grilled salmon and salad niçoise (a classic French dish, cherry tomatoes, beans, potatoes and eggs with a mustard dressing) ($22)


Tiramisu: matcha and orange cream, cointreau & tea-soaked ladyfingers, fresh strawberries ($7)

Chocolate: chocolate & lavender marquise, whipped cream, blackcurrant leaf ice cream ($7)