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Dinner Menu July 27 – Aug 7, 2017


Soup: Borscht. A refreshing soup of local beets, apple, wild caraway, sour cream sorbet, wild, and garden flowers ($8.50)

Lobster Spring Rolls: crisp fried spring rolls of local lobster, cabbage, cilantro and ginger with basil mayo and lobster oil ($12.50)

Salad: salad of  arugula, parmesan crisps, cherry tomatoes, marinated onions, balsamic reduction and rose vinaigrette ($8.50)


Pork and Scallops: master stocked pork belly, seared local scallops, shiitake mushrooms, sautéed local greens, fragrant rice, cilantro & pickled pineapple salsa ($25)

Salmon Niçoise: grilled filet of salmon, salad niçoise (new potatoes, beans, cherry tomatoes, olive tapenade, red onions, boiled egg, French mustard dressing) ($24)

Seafood Pasta: hand-rolled pappardelle, local scallops, halibut, lobster, flounder, shrimp and haddock, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, red onions, shaved parmesan in a garlic and olive oil base ($25)

Scallops: pan-seared local scallops, green pea pierogies, carrot top pesto, crisp guanciale, sour cream, green onion ($25)

Halibut: pan-roasted filet of local halibut with hodge podge (a regional dish of new vegetables in a cream, lemon, and summer savoury broth) ($25)


Chocolate & Cherries: dark chocolate parfait, spiced cherries, whipped cream ($7)

Rose Crème Brûlée: velvety rose custard, crisp caramel, fruit compote ($7)