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Dinner Menu July 28 – August 8, 2016


Tempura Beans: crisp fried local green & yellow beans, parmesan, lemon aioli ($8.50)

Salad: Broadfork Farm greens, crisp parmesan, cherry tomatoes, marinated red onion & balsamic reduction ($8.50)

Charcuterie Board: a selection of house-cured local meats, smoked chicken terrine, prosciutto, head cheese, smoked pork loin, pickles, breads & mustard mayonnaise ($12)


Steak: 12oz Grilled Prime Rib, loaded baked potato, garden salad ($32)                                                                  

Scallops: pan-seared local scallops, cauliflower purée, crisp guanciale, snap peas, Bay of Funghi oyster mushrooms ($25)

Halibut: local line caught grilled filet and hodge podge (a local dish of new vegetables, cream, lemon & summer savoury) ($24)

Pork & Scallops: Master stocked pork belly, seared scallops, sauteed greens, rice, pickled pineapple,  shitake mushrooms, master stock reduction ($24)

Salmon: grilled locally-raised salmon, soba noodles, pickled cucumber, broccolini,  mint, teriyaki sauce ($22)


Chocolate & Cherries: flourless chocolate cake, spiced poached cherries, chocolate ice cream, cinnamon basil ($7)

Strawberries & Bergamot: strawberry Bavarois, strawberry syrup, lemon curd, bergamot syrup, earl grey meringue ($7)