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Dinner Menu June 29 – July 10, 2017


Soup: refreshing soup of day lily flowers, chive flowers, crisp fried flower buds ($8.50)

"Yarden" Green Tortellini: lamb's quarters, curly dock, plantain, and ricotta tortellini, fir tip purée, balsam fir oil, fiddleheads, sorrel foam ($8.50)

Charcuterie Board: good to share! Housemade proscuitto, pan fried fromage de tête, chicken liver parfait, smoked pork loin, seedy bread crisps and housemade breads, maple wine jelly, garden and wild pickles ($14)


Chicken: pan-roasted breast and leg, mashed potatoes, petit pois à la française, brown butter & hazelnut jus ($23)

Scallop & Pork Ramen?!: rich pork and scallop broth, seared scallops, sweet potato noodles, Broadfork Farm greens and hakeuri turnips, Bay of Fungi mushrooms, nori, corn, green onions, tamago egg ($23)

Red Curry Crab: Jonah crab steamed and fried dumplings, fragrant red curry coconut broth, kohlrabi, broccolini, Bay of Fungi mushrooms, cilantro, spring onions, cabbage ($23)

Beef Gnocchi: Provençal beef ragout, olives, capers, cherry tomatoes, parsley, handmade potato gnocchi, shaved parmesan ($23)

Halibut: grilled filet of local halibut, crisp fried parmesan polenta, romesco sauce, sautéed Broadfork Farm greens ($24)


Chocolate & Prunes: boozy prune, almond and dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate ice cream ($7)

Strawberries and Sweet Fern: strawberry and rose sorbet, sweet fern granita, lemon curd, strawberry and sweet fern salsa, sweet fern meringues ($7)