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Dinner Menu May 19 – 30, 2016


Soup: sunchoke & Jonagold apple soup, maple cream, garlic oil & chives ($8.50)

Fiddleheads: galette of local fiddleheads, aged gouda, sweet onions, chickweed, sweet cicely, chive flower vinaigrette ($8.50)

Salad: greens from Broadfork farm, herb & goat cheese fritters, marinated red onions, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, forsythia flowers, elderflower dressing ($8.50)


Korean Chicken: Moon Tide Farm chicken breast, soy-shiitake poached thigh, spiced drumstick fritter, housemade kimchi, bok choy, rice, black garlic mayonnaise, bulgogi sauce ($22)

Scallops: Pan seared Bay of Fundy Scallops, puree & salad of spring greens,  fiddleheads, pea's, radishes, elderflower gel ($25)

Lobster: Handmade rotolo with dandelion, spinach & nettle, local lobster, lobster couslis & oil, cherry tomatoes ($24)

Halibut: Grilled local filet, parisienne gnocchi, peas, asparagus & fiddleheads, chive beurre blanc ($24)


Cake & Ice Cream: Coconut  &  almond cake, tiramisu ice cream, chocolate cream, coffee jelly ($7)

Rhubarb & Cream: star anise meringue, Mountain Ash bud (bitter almond) crème anglaise, rhubarb ($7)