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Dinner Menu October 20 – 31, 2016


Soup: corn chowder with local corn, potatoes and bacon in a warming cream broth, with grilled Advocate Harbour scallops ($8.50)

Korean Chicken Wings: crisp-fried Moon Tide Farm chicken wings, tossed in our own Korean-style BBQ sauce and black garlic mayonnaise ($8.50)

Salad: salad of roasted local squash, molasses butter, apple and balsamic reduction, goat cheese, kale chips, candied nuts and seeds ($8.50)


Steak: grilled 12 oz prime rib, fully loaded baked potato with sour cream, green onion, tomato, cheddar cheese, and bacon, and house-made Spanish ketchup ($32)

Scallops: seared local scallops, quinoa and grilled Broadfork Farm pepper salad, “yardin” salad, pomegranate molasses ($25)

Gnocchi: pan-fried, 3-squash gnocchi, fall vegetables, sage brown butter, fresh herbs and shaved 30-month parmesan ($20)

Chicken: roasted Moon Tide Farm chicken breast, puréed potatoes, locally foraged wild mushrooms, sauce soubise ($22)

PorkOulton's pork belly, brined and braised for 16 hours and pan fried crisp, spice braised red cabbage, “himmel and erd” purée, cranberry sauce ($23)


Lemon Meringue Pie: a reinvention of the classic with lemon curd, Graham crumbs, whipped cream and crisp meringue ($7)

Apples and Cranberries: local apples and cranberries baked into a moist cake, maple caramel sauce and house-made vanilla ice cream ($7)