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Dinner Menu September 22 – October 3, 2016


Soup: Cullen Skink--our take on the Scottish classic, maple smoked haddock, leeks, celery, new potatoes, and fresh local corn in a creamy broth ($8.50)

Dumplings: Gyoza--house-made Japanese pork and sesame dumplings, pan-fried crisp, green onions, soy dipping sauce ($8.50)

SaladBroadfork Farm's patty pan squash, toasted organic pinenuts, shaved 30 month Reggiano, white truffle oil and fresh herbs ($8.50)


Steak: grilled 12 oz prime rib, hand-cut fries, roasted local tomatoes, brown butter hollandaise sauce ($32)

Scallops: seared local scallops, and okonomiyaki--Japanese vegetable pancakes, dashi mayonaise, citrus cucumber and sea lettuce salad ($25)

Salmon: crisp skin locally-raised organic fillet, pan fried buckwheat and potato gnocchi, kale, beans, red onion, soy balsamic dressing ($24)

Chicken: jerked Moon Tide Farm chicken breast and leg, coconut rice, grilled sweet pepper salsa, carrot slaw, cilantro crema ($22)

Pork: Oulton's pork belly, braised 12 hours and pan-fried crisp, salad of roasted local squash and beets, sautéed rainbow chard, crab apple purée ($23)


Summer in Review: layered cake of home ice creams: strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, and house-made yoghurt ice creams, meringue, whipped cream ($7)

Orange and Carrot: flourless orange and carrot cake, rich chocolate filling, garden carrot and orange glaze, jaffa crisps ($7)