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Foraging Dinner 2019

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dandelion and red fife epi, flower butter

Oyster “Dockerfeller” - Dock, nettle, chive crumb on local oysters

Crab Rotolo– squid ink pasta, jonah crab, sea greens

Scotch Egg – Lobster, smoked dulse, and lovage

Smoked mackerel “fish & Chips”

Cold smoked halibut, wintergreen leaf oil, salad of edibles

Crab and rosehip Bisque, roe rouille, crab & yardin dumplings, sea greens

Spanish Vacation”

Herring boquerones, spruce, potato

Halibut, fish sauce, sea lettuce, sea truffle & dulse

Italian Vacation”

Herbs d'Advocate cotechino sausage, daylily, cattail, hosta, fiddleheads, Wild Caraway mustard

Sour cream & juniper sorbet, balsam fir

Crab Lantern”

Knotweed & elderflower pie, passamaquoddy potato & white chocolate

Mint meringue, elderflower & Nova 7 wine gum, mountain ash bud profiterole