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Lobster Roll gets added to the pop up list!! New takeaway menu….

Hey Everyone!! This Friday and Saturday we are adding a Lobster Roll and Fries/salad(16 plus tax) to the pop up menu with Fish and Chips! Local lobster on our own bread available between 4pm-7pm Friday May 15 and Saturday 16

We are also doing a set menu for pickup that will be ready to toss, heat, and eat!

Pea and mint soup, lemon mint oil OR Fiddlehed panzanella salad

Seafood canneloni, handmade pasta and lobster sauce


Chicken and vegetable pot pie

Sticky toffee pudding with sauce and whip cream or Maple creme caramel with ginger biscuits and whip cream

Rolls and something sweet!! $35 plus tax and please place orders before Friday May 15 at 6pm, call 902 392 2889 or email

Scallop mac and cheese will also be available as well as our soups...all to take home and heat!!