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Dinner Menu October 19 – 30, 2017


Soup: roasted local squash, leek fondue, seared scallops, and curry oil ($8.50)

Salad: salad of local organic beets, rose, and goat cheese ($8.50)

Seafood Board: a sampling of four locally-inspired and house-crafted seafoods, condiments, and house-made breads--perfect for sharing! ($15)


Squash Gnocchi: pan-fried, handmade roasted squash gnocchi, char-grilled green onions, pine nuts, and kale, finished with That Dutchman's truffled gouda ($22)

Halibut: grilled fillet of local halibut, creamy colcannon, lemon butter sauce and seasonal vegetables ($25)

Steak: grilled 12 oz ribeye, wild caraway Caesar salad, crisp fried onion rings ($37)

Scallops: pan-seared Advocate Harbour scallops, carrot, wild caraway, and aged That Dutchman's gouda pierogies, honey-roasted carrots, peas, bacon and sour cream ($25)

Chicken: pan-roasted breast, salad of roasted squash, hazelnut brown butter jus ($22)


“Trick or Treat”: Can't decide on dessert? Let us choose for you--it could be anything! We're not telling you what it is!  We're pretty sure you'll love it! ($7)

Apple Cake: moist apple cake, vanilla ice cream, warm brown sugar rum sauce ($7)

Summer in Review: Vacherin glacé--fancy house-made ice cream cake of summer berries (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry) ice creams layered between meringue. The perfect way to remember and extend summer!!! ($7)