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Dinner Menu

Friday October 28th-Monday October 30th

 Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday we take bookings between 5-7.30pm for the set menu $60 plus tax. We kindly ask that you inform us of allergies while booking so we can happily make accommodations.

For dinner bookings we require a phone and a credit card number to hold the booking and have a 48 hour cancellation policy implemented due to no shows and last minute cancellations combined with limited capacity in the dining room. Charges will only occur if we have less than 48 hours notice.


Assorted local and foraged treats!

Crisp fried local calamari, pico de gallo, chipotle mayo, lime


Squash pierogi, carmelized onions, bacon, sour cream, rosehip gel


Seared local scallops, turnip & apple puree, crispy onions, pine nuts, herb salad


Ballymena Farm Lamb, calendula cavatelli pasta, Provencal ragu-tomatoes, olives, capers with fresh herbs and shaved parmesan

Sunchoke flower ice cream, sunchoke & apple crisp

Poached pears, chocolate crumble, chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream


Lemon tart, cranberry, whipped cream

$60 plus tax per person

Please notify us of any changes to your booking times and number of guests, it helps us mange our limited capacity. We greatly appreciate your consideration!!