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Week 5..Already!!

We are so grateful for your continued patience and support!!!!

Morning everyone! Our pop up menu this week will have Fish & Chips 1pc/2pc$11/$15, Scallop mac n cheese $16, Bacon cheeseburger w fries or salad ($15), and Ceaser salad sm($9)or lg($13)

Friday 4-7pm Saturday 12-7pm

Our Saturday pick up menu this week...

Smoked mackerel salad, apple, beets, mustard dressing
Fiddlehead soup, balsam fir oil

Seafood pie and salad of Broadfork Farm greens
Phanaeng Curry, coconut and kaffir lime rice, herbs and sprouts

Rhubarb and elderflower bakewell tart
Tiramisu with chocolate biscuits


$35 plus tax and call 902 392 2889 or email to place order and pickup time

The elderflowers and wild mint are here so we now have elderflower, wild mint, and rhubarb syrups for all your soda/cocktail requirements!!