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Where the Wild Things Eat 2014

Wild Caraway Spring Foraging Dinner (2014)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

“Snack pack”

Sea weed popcorn, sunchoke chips, sumac pork crackling

Mackerel tartare: weir-caught mackerel, applewood-smoked sour cream, corn lilies, sweet cicely

Lobster Pasta: local lobster, squid ink & natural cavatelli, orach, sea blight, cherry tomatoes, lobster coulis


Local flounder, sea lettuce, dulse, the samphire green collection, oyster leaf, clam goodness

Pork & Salad: Oulton's pork and juniper berry terrine, 18th century salad à la New York, with elderflower vinaigrette

Cleanser: juniper & lime granita

“Flower Power”

Rose crème brûlée, elderflower cake, sweet cicely flower ice cream


Spruce Melting Moment

Mountain Ash caramel profiterole

Elderflower Delight